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Monday November 14 2011


Big Thank You again to all of our sponsors at this year’s Mid-Atlantic Hopper Challenge. You made the prize packages for this year’s winners the best they’ve ever been.  Click on the sponsor name to visit their website.  Here’s a break down of what was donated:

Catalyst Meals: numerous free meals to spectators and athletes throughout the weekend, 1 week’s worth of free lunch and dinners for the 1st place winners, 1 week’s worth of free lunch for the 2nd place winners and a $25 gift certificate for the 3rd place winners.

Krav Maga Maryland: Shirts, sweatshirts, and self-defense training.

SFH – Stronger Faster Healthier: Gift certificates for SFH products on their website.

Reverie: T-shirts and neck pillows for all the top athletes.

Lulu Lemon of Baltimore and Annapolis: Two gift certificates for $250 for the top male and female athletes.

Plow On Energy Gum: Gum samples for all attendees, including winners, and cash for the top winners.

Fashletics: Fashion jewelry and discount coupons for the website.

Hammerhead Fitness: Two sets of wooden rings.

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All the best Burnworth

WilliamRapMay 20, 2016

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Thanks, Maggie! I like that too. I enjoy my cheat day, but I’m far from bingeing or even ovteaering. I do have to say that I think the cheat day is extremely valuable though. It’s a mental necessity that keeps me from feeling deprived. And, having that flexibility once a week makes it a heck of a lot easier to exist in American society. I’m really, really happy with this program I set up.

KisanDecember 21, 2015

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Yes we are holding a fudsraining event. We are still in the planning stages, but we are looking at it being on Jan. 5th. We will have info posted here in our website and on our Facebook page. Thank you

AwieOctober 22, 2015

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